Smokey and the Bandit-I kinda feel sorry for the bear

We posted last week about the bear attack in Stokes state forest (Sussex County, NJ).  Recent news shows that the wounds on the children were not caused by the bear.  The campers, age 11 and 12, were injured slightly in incidents earlier at camp.  While I could examine the over reaction by camp counselors, or unnecessary cost uncured by the camp, state, or families; I feel for the bear.

This poor yearling, a 1-1.5 year old bear, wandered in to camp looking for food.  Sure he tore open a tent, but he left the children untouched but shaken.  Now he's been shot in the neck ,assumed still alive, and running from the law.  It's one thing to be a fugitive and be able to drive yourself to some secret hideout in a barn somewhere in Tennessee, but I knida feel for poor "Smokey".

Good luck old pal.

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