40 Peacocks, 18 cats, 15 bears, 3 cats, and a crazy lady in California.

I've heard the term, "Cat Lady" used plenty of times, but never a "Bear Lady".  The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Lynne Gravier, a 77 year old woman from Laytonville, CA fed and cared for 15 black bears inside her home.  Neighbors reported her activities after they had been terrorized by the bears (which Graiver named Smiley, Goofy, Connie, Biggie and Wombat.)  State agents raided her home last August.

Lynne Graiver, show to the right walking with a cane...walking with a cane?  I would expect a person dealing with bears to beable to fend them off if needed.  

The Bear Lady had 6,000 pounds of rolled and cracked corn each month.  I see two things with this (make that three).

  1. Aren't bears carnivores?  I know I'd be pissed if I was expecting beef jerky and got celery.
  2. Where on earth did she get the money to pay for that much corn? 
  3. Does a dump truck make this delivery?

All in all, the real tragedy of this story is the bears them selves.  Smiley, Goofy, Connie are going to be hungry.  They will ultimately wander into someones yard (or house) looking for food and end up in trouble.  (It never ended up well for Yogi, did it?)  The closer a bear gets to people the more danger it presents for both.  A bear could be presented with dangerous situations like roads and highways.  More common however is when a bear approaches a human aggressively they will usually be killed.

I hope they find some corn out there in the wild of the Mendocino National Forest.

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