Mamma Bear kills cub, then self

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses weird chemicals, bear stomach bile being one of them.  Last week a Mother bear saw the trauma being endured by her cub at a bile farm and took action.  Asia One reports that while the cub was having its bile extracted the mother bear broke free from her cage.  She scared off workers and then attempted to free her cub.  After unsuccessful attempts she hugged her cub in a final goodbye, and then strangled him.  She then ran headfirst into a wall, killing herself.

Ironically, most of my posts on have advocated for the bear.  This story is no different. Apparently the pain endured by the bile extracting process is so traumatic that several bears have committed suicide.  Bears are fitted with an iron vest attached to a permanent hole in their stomach.

This story of mother and cub illustrates the love  the joins the two.  If a mother is willing to kill herself rather than see her young in pain, it makes sense why encountering a mother and cub along a trail is so dangerous.

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