Michigan man kicks bear

While most of us were home having a Sunday night dinner, a Michigan man was kicking a black bear.  Normally (as the name of this site would suggest) I would commend this brave soul, but let's take a look at the fact, shall we?

The Detroit Free Press reports that an unidentified man was hunting from a blind when three cubs were attracted to the bait he left at the base of the tree.  -On a side note, have you ever heard of someone who "requested to remain nameless" actually do something smart?  I know you want the bear to come close, but he was within ten feet of the bait (if you ask me, he was looking for trouble)- Upon seeing the cubs and a strange man atop a tree, the mother bear climbed the tree.  As she clawed the mans legs he kicked back and finally shot the bear, killing it in full view of her cubs.

According to Michigan Department of Natural Resources, mother bears can not be killed while the are in view of their cubs unless it was self defense.  The concept of self defense can be tricky when you are referring to a guy sitting in a tree by a bait pile and holding a gun.

While I commend this unnamed man for having the intestinal fortitude to kick a 200 pound bear, I don't have much sympathy; he was asking for it.
Campers make every effort to stay away from smells that will attract bears for good reason.  Did the bait pile need to be right below the hunting blind?  Oh, and the whole "trapped in a tree" thing, he climbed up there in hopes of getting close to a bear; well, he got his wish.

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