Man Fights off Bear in Campsite near Aspen 8-20-2011

A 51 year old man survived an attack by a bear early in the morning on August 20th by fighting back.    The unidentified man apparently faught back after the bear bit him through his tent and sleeping bag.

He was able to summon help from a other campers who trekked down about two miles to Maroon lake to call for help.  The tough guy was able to walk out of the woods on his own with some help from Members of Mountain Rescue Aspen.

This was the second attack in two days in the Maroon Lake/Crater Lake area. After a search for the bear by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers, the bear was killed.  Officers are confident that the deceased bear was the offender in both recent attacks.


The Colorado Division of Wildlife has a very informative guide on preventing bear attacks.  As always, bear spray is recommended over a firearm. 
Click here for a map of the attach and rescue area.

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